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Annual Scholastic Chess Tournament Dates

Waypoint Foundation Scholastic Chess Tournament
First Saturday of February, at Parkway School (1011 Parkway Blvd) in Ephrata.

Check in 7:45-8:30am with opening ceremonies at 8:30am.

Round 1 begins immediately after the opening ceremonies at 8:30am.  Round 2 and 3 will follow approximately 15 minutes after the end of the prior round (maximum round time is one hour).  Lunch is typically served at around 11:30am. Round 4 will begin after lunch at approximately 12:00pm with Round 5 approximately 15 minutes after the end of Round 4.  Playoff rounds for undefeated players, if any, will begin shortly after Round 5.

Chess Tournament Preparation Classes
Thursday the week before the tournament and the Tuesday the week of the tournament, at 6:00pm at Parkway School (1011 Parkway Blvd) in Ephrata.

This class is designed especially for those who have not participated in a tournament before. Focus of the class will be on the tournament format, chess etiquette, chess notation, tournament rules, the use of a chess clock, and other related concepts. There will be time to play chess, and boards will be set up ready for play. The purpose of this class is so tournament participants and parents can learn more about the special rules and procedures of tournament play. Participation is not required, but it may be helpful to new players. Total time should be around one hour. Everyone, especially parents, are welcome.

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