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Activities We Sponsor | Scouting

Another activity that meant a lot to our family and our development as children was our participation in the Boy Scouts of America. Our efforts resulted in all four boys in our family achieving the rank of Eagle Scout with three of us completing all the merit badges possible at the time. Our youth was full of great learning, cultural, and academic experiences through this program.

We recognize that many hours and dollars were spend on our behalf in providing this program to us and millions of other boys throughout the years. Hence, we support activities and participants of the Boy Scouts of America and other similar programs that reinforce the active lives of youth in our community.

Uniform Drive for Scouts in Micronesia

A current project we are working on to support scouts who have less means than we have is a uniform drive for scouts in Micronesia. The islands of Micronesia are part of the Boys Scouts of America as part of the Aloha Council in Hawaii. While the scouting movement is growing, the scouts there have few resources to purchase their own uniforms. We are collecting uniforms (new or used) to be sent to the scouts in Micronesia to help them further their scouting experiences. In-kid donations of uniform shirts are most appreciated. Mending or other rehabilitation of the uniforms will be performed by us before they are shipped to our contacts in Micronesia.

Uniforms can be dropped off or shipped to:

Waypoint Foundation
925 Basin St SW
Ephrata, WA 98823

Thank you for your assistance on this project.

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