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About Us | Mission and Objectives

The mission of The Waypoint Foundation is to encourage the building of character and values in youth to help them effectively proceed into productive adulthood.

Our families are very important to us, and we know your families are important to you. We know that it takes a lot to raise children today considering the many influences our children face today. Our greatest priorities in life should be centered around fostering character and values in our children. While the activities of our foundation cannot replace the values parents teach their children in their homes, we hope that the things we do provide offer parents additional resources and activities to help them build positive attributes in their children.

At The Waypoint Foundation the selection of activities we sponsor and support are specific to the activities we participated in as youth. In this way, we are specifically recognizing the generosity of those whose efforts were on our behalf. At the same time we are hoping that our activities encourage others to participate in the lives of our communities' youth in their own ways.

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